Welcome to the new 45 Sessions website!

November 03, 2017

Welcome to the new 45 Sessions website!

What's good everybody...

This is DJ Platurn of the 45 Sessions & I wanted to personally invite y'all to the new website!

We've been working on this thing for a while now & I wanted to thank the fam at Brand Marinade for all their great work. The result is a fantastic one, a beautiful new site that also doubles as a store, something i've been wanting to set up for quite some time, & mainly because over the years we've released so much dope gear and unique promo material that people constantly inquire about & all I can tell them is that you missed out and to stay tuned for the next round.

There is now officially a place where you can always get our regular stock, and seasonally you can get your hands on limited items & designs, plus collaborations and other cool stuff, all in one convenient place that's easy to navigate. I appreciate y'all visiting, and stay tuned for tons of dopeness going down in the years to come.

Peace and all that!

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