The Francis Wolves – Valley Heat / Deep In JuJu

The Francis Wolves

Coming all the way from Brisbane Australia is an interesting new release that packs a punch in all the right places. It’s part Fela, part Malatu, with a touch of motown thrown into the mix for good measure. The horns are big and brassy laid down over a rhythm section that is super tight. The band themselves label their sound as “Garage Afro Soul” – and you would be forgiven for thinking that’s an odd sound combination to come out of Northern Australia – But rest assured, this 7 piece orchestra certainly know how to lay down a groove. The band are actually in good company in Brisbane, a city which has a long history of creative and inventive musicians with a strong DIY attitude.

The release itself is limited to a pressing of 100 copies, making it a very prized addition to any soul lovers collection. It’s also worth mentioning that the release has been crowd funded, with a rather large chunk of the proceeds being donated to charity – a rather admirable act for a band whose name we suggest you should become acquainted with.

Grab the release here | Contribute to the crowd funding campaign at Pledge Music here