Adrian Younge & Ghostface Killah – Twelve Reasons To Die Vol 2 Box Set


In conjunction with Linear Labs, Adrian Younge and the team at Get On Down continue their winning streak of releasing high quality packages with news of quite an extraordinary box set on the horizon.

Twelve Reasons To Die Vol. 2 is quite the powerhouse of musical imagery as it continues on from the story established in the first volume. I won’t go into detail here on how dope the album is. It’s already been out for a minute, so you should go check it.


Of interest to this website is how crazy dope this forthcoming boxset is. It comes complete with the LP, instrumental LP, t-shirt, and six 7″ records – two of which come with Serato tones on the flip. Now, I’m not sure how much interest that might garner for readers on this website, but as a DJ who uses both vinyl and digital I’m kind of geeked about the prospect of having some Serato control records on 45 (I wish they would do the same for Traktor, which is in fact my DVS of choice). How practical is it to use Serato with 45s? Well, probably not very practical at all – plus it’s a bit contradictory. However, this certainly doesn’t diminish the awesomeness of this box set which is available in stores right now.

This limited Box Set Contains:

  • Twelve Reasons To Die II Vocal LP
  • Twelve Reasons To Die II Instrumental LP
  • Twelve Reasons To Die II (Deluxe CD)
  • Twelve Reasons To Die II 7-inch Box Set (6 Records – 4 Vinyl, 2 with Serato Tones)
  • Twelve Reasons To Die II T Shirt
  • Limited Edition Linear Labs Black & Gold Embroidered Premium Box


Purchase the box set here:

— Shan Frenzie []