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Came across www.40fiver.it some months back and was completely enamored by the beauty of their 45 adapter designs, so much so that I had to buy me a couple. Once the package arrived, I was even more impressed so I hit them up about an interview. Pietro, the brains behind the company, was happy to oblige and the rest is history. Read more about 40fiver below and cop their designs at www.40fiver.it — your records will love you for it!

Please tell us a little bit about the history of your company. How long have you been around, what inspired you to begin these types of adapter designs, etc and so on?

Hi, my name is Pietro, I’m 24, and I studied Industrial Design in Rome at the High School “La Sapienza”. 40fiver is a project that I started back in December 2014. A friend of mine was searching for adapters for his turntables, and I created two adapters made with wood and resin, materials that are significant in my projects. The curiosity to create more shapes with these adapters made me go forward, so I decided to start the 40fiver project by creating something new like a “jewel for turntable”.


Where are you located and what about your city and surroundings inspires the designs of your adapters?

I’m from a little town in the country side near Perugia, in the center of Italy. I’ve been in contact with art from the very first year of my life due to my parents, and then the curiosity to build my own game when i was a child became my work: create something when you need it, and give objects new shapes and practical solutions.


What sort of music are you influenced by and what sort of music do you listen to when creating your designs?

I like to listen to different kinds of music from old to new, but my main influences are from around 1965 to 1980, in the crucial years when big things were happening all over Europe. Pink Floyd used to tour everywhere, there were the Beatles, King crimson and His Court, Bob Marley and the Wailers used to come in U.K., and when The Clash used to feature the Jamaican broadcaster Mikey Dread on their productions: all these big events paved the way to many forms of art for the whole of Europe in my opinion. Naturally I learnt about all this, years later, even from my parent’s vinyl collection.
When i am in my studio creating things, i like to listen to music by Sigur Ros, Brian Eno and relaxing stuff like that.

You use many different types of materials for your adapters — any particular types of material that you prefer over others? Are some materials easier to work with or more susceptible to your favorite type of design work and/or color schemes?

One of my favourite materials is Wood. I like the warmth of the material and how strength and hardness differ from wood to wood. Another material that I have been using in the last few years is Resin, I try to interact with the infinite patterns that come out each time. I like how wood and resin interact together, in this “Natural vs Artificial” game.


Why 45 adapters and nothing else? Do you plan to do other types of adapters or designs surrounding vinyl and vinyl culture?

As i told you before, everything comes from the necessity, so i don’t plan nothing, I just wait until i am inspired by someone’s necessity

Top 5 Italian soundtrack releases from over the years?

Ennio Morricone – Per qualche dollaro in più,
Ennio Morricone e Elio Petri – Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto
Piero Umiliani – Nel Villaggio
Augusto martelli – Il Dio Serpente
Goblin – Profondo Rosso

Top 5 groovy Italian 7 inches from over the years?

Pino Daniele – Yes I Know My Way
Lucio Battisti – Il Veliero
Adriano Celentano – L’unica Chance
Loredanà Bertè – La Luna Bussò
Pino D’Angiò – Ma Quale Idea

Top 5 major Italian musician influences from over the years?

Ennio Morricone
Fabrizio De Andrè
Enrico Rava
Lino Capra Vaccina


Where can you be found online? Website/facebook/instagram and so on.

Official website : www.40fiver.it | Contact : info@40fiver.it

Facebook : www.facebook.com/40fiver

Instagram : www.instagram.com/40fiver

Thank you Pietro and 40fiver for the interview.

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