DJ Flow – King Sh*t EP

dj-flow---king-shitHere’s a great new release from our good buddy DJ Flow that we just love. While the 45 is completely sold out on Bandcamp, We definitely suggest doing whatever it takes to track this down from your local record store. Fortunately, you can still own the product in digital form easily enough – and what a package it is! This EP took us back. It’s filled to the brim with instrumental beat excusions, but don’t for one minute think this is just another one of those boring noodlely beat tapes from the school of J Dilla knock off’s. No, this release has real substance, and plenty of authentic funk and soul breaks.

There is something about DJ Flow’s production that really reminded me of some early 1994 style [and I say that as the biggest compliment because I have so much love for that era] but doesn’t rely on played out samples. It’s more Blapps Posse or London Funk Allstars rather than AV8 or Nervous Records – and if you know those reference points, then you know there is some real interesting stuff going on in the production right here that should be totally getting you excited. It’s as comforatble on the dancefloor as it will be in your headphones.

Grab it from Bandcamp here