BocaWoody – NW/SW EP1 Limited Edition Bundle

BocaWoody - NW/SW EP1 Limited Edition Bundle

Here’s something totally unexpected from two of the freshest names out of the UK. Infact, it’s a pairing that I didn’t see coming but makes total sense. Producer and DJ veterans Boca 45 and Woody have teamed up to deliver an EP that is both surprising and pushes the envelope. I’m a big fan of both these guys, who have long histories anchored well and truly in the party style of sample heavy Hip Hop production. This new project breaks that mold as the duo present us with six beat excursions that sound fresh to the ears, laced with expertly crafted scratches and cuts. The beats are experimental and challenging but maintain that funk that truly gives them a dope Hip Hop feel. The sound is big, crisp and displays a fullness to the ear as well – Just what we have come to expect from the likes of Boca 45.

Unlike much of what these guys are known for on their own, this project isn’t really directed at the club, although there are some uptempo joints on here that will definately blow up the spot. This is a project to listen to it your headphones to take in the full scope of what is on offer – and there is a lot to digest in these 6 songs.

For the 45 collectors, the duo are offering a limited package which contains two insanely nice tracks from the EP: “Ready 2 Rock” and “Hard Core”, both beat heavy future B Boy jams. The 45 comes pressed on green vinyl and is housed in a dope full colour illustrated numbered sleeve. You also get a all six tracks on CD and digital (with additional digital instrumentals), and and hour long mix CD.

Orders will be shipping early May. You know what to do!